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updated: Jul 18 2017

Educational Units

College Academy Institute University Main Objects Classroom Library Homework Backpack Desk Discipline Professor Teacher Supplementary Equipment Copybook Books Ballpen Pencil Eraser Ruler Board Chalk Dairy Subject Science Mathematics Biology Chemistry

Useful tips

How to control the movement of your selection

Here is a few tricks on how to change and edit the area you have previously selected on any given image:

  • in order to constrain the direction hold down shift when you start dragging
  • You can use the arrow key if you want your selection to be moved by 1 pixel increments only
  • If you want your selection to be moved by 10 Pixel increments simply hold down Shift and use an arrow key to move the selection.
  • You can rotate the selection by clicking on one of its corners. If a circular arrow appears you can start moving it leftwards or rightwards with the help of your mouse’s movements.

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