dancing clipart

updated: Jul 18 2017


Ballet Sport Modern Belly Pole Swing Tap Break Strip Step Folk Salsa Line Gangnam Kathak Yangko Hip-Hop Lambada Tango Number of people Alone With Partner With Group Speed Fast Slow Scenes Couple dancing Girl dancing alone Disco with mix Lights Group dancing Sinchro Dance

Useful tips

How to mirror in Clone Stamp tool

There is another tool which is a little bit similar to the Clone Stamp but instead of straight out copying it would mirror everything which you choose. This is a great tool to choose when you want to prop up a photo. Here’s how to use it:

  • Go to the Clone Source panel
  • Choose how you want the source to be cloned by clicking on Flipping options out of which there are two: the Horizontal flip and the Vertical flip
  • Flip horizontal tool is extra useful when you want to clone the other side of a window or a door therefore you need them to be flipped.

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